Friday, 20 April 2012

Scarlet was the scarf she wore

I don't think I'd ever post my clothes the same day I wore them. Ugh. Well here is an outfit now. I wore this a few days ago to get supper with the family in this really cool authentic (of course it is) Korean barbecue house. You really take off your shoes and kneel on the floor to eat! 

The black Karra leather jacket is actually my mum's but I had to borrow it since the jacket that'd match what I wore was in the laundry. I have this in brown, too but I left it at home because it scratched it :( I look very disheveled, don't I? All that eating makes one tired. 

Esprit bag, Guess jeans

The walls are filled with old film promotional posters! And those weird robotic arm things dangling from the ceiling are exhaust fans because you grill the barbecue in the middle of the table.

Ze appetizer.

Okay, a very lame attempt to recreate old Coca Cola adverts. I just had to do it.

These are the Francesco boots my mum had in the 90s. I couldn't get a better photo since the lighting was bad and so was the camera (but I still love you my little digital camera-SLR hybrid)
Another scarf I bought at a nameless Greenhills stall. I think the stalls have names but honestly, they're usually barely readable.

Arm warmers from Terranova that look kind of gross right now (thank you, camera) and a pink shirt I got at a small (nameless, yet again) shop in the subway station in Seoul or something.

a vintage Kangol hat my grandma (or great aunt, whatever. I call her grandma. She's the wife of my grandpa that was in the movie with GREGORY PECK *off topic*) gave me.

a very unflattering shot of how my back looked.

I feel very self-fulfilled whenever I post something. Oy, I hate saying "self-fulfilled". It reminds me of school again. *sees brief flashes of grainy gray paper, dull flickering fluorescent lights, and yellow and green uniforms* But nope, it's summer right now and yet I'm still freezing my arse off in a temperate country. On the bright side, my flesh isn't melting...or frying... in the 37°C heat back home. Whoa, where did the point of things go? NEVERLAND!

Oh, shut up Willa.

Before I type something stupid again or start a whole conversation with meself here, I'm going to paste the link to Carla Bruni's J'en Connais because it happens to be the song I felt like listening to on the day I wore this. *waves arms across the air* 

That's it. I'm publishing this.

Thursday, 19 April 2012

More of my doodles and not many other things

I've been posting pretty sporadically since I've started blogging. Well, get used to it. I'm not exactly allowed to use the computer for a long time and my parents call me lazy for it. It's not like blogging and googling isn't hard work. At the same time I have a life, too: constant TV show reruns on CBeebies, reading Danielle Steel novels, doing my Kumon worksheets... my life is loaded.

I dunno what to think of this. Like why did I make that girl brushing her hair have a long forearm. Is it because I feel like she's being controlled by an external force to do things she doesn't want to... like brush her hair? Or maybe I feel like she has too much strength and pride within her that it hinders her daily life, thus the shorter humerus? Or is it because I just drew it wrong and I couldn't do anything about it because I used a pen. I sometimes feel like I have a disturbed noggin'.

look at that cat :)

See that drawing of a gloved hand in the corner? Yes, I just did an homage to the great Rene Magritte.

My Beatles obsession just reached a whole new level.  The awesomeness of Paul McCartney is forever  (well maybe not. It could get erased y'know. But *gasp* I would never let that happen) immortalized in my sketch pad. This was just a little doodle I made in 10 minutes so it wasn't very elaborate.

On a WONDERFUL side note though: I've been extremely happy these past few days because I just found out that my grandpa (or great uncle, whatever. I call him grandpa) was an movie extra for... wait for it... MACARTHUR with freakin' GREGORY PECK. I've always known about my grandpa being in an old Hollywood movie but I never knew which one it was. But we called him a few days ago (after a very long time because we had to make a long-distance call since he's in California and those calls are expensive and they don't know how to use Skype :D) and I finally asked him what it was and BAM I found out!!! I'm practically related to Gregory!! (we're on a first name basis now since we're, you know, related) My grandpa was the wounded soldier in the tunnel scene :)) He was casted because someone went to their church (a Filipino one at that) and was asking who wanted to join the film since they needed Filipinos for the movie because duh, it's about MacArthur. My grandpa said Gregory was "very nice". AAAAAHHHHHHHH. MY GRANDPA WAS IN A MOVIE WITH GREGORY PECK. (How many of you can say that about your grandfathers? Well I guess some of you, but I'm talking about majority here, people) Which is now awkward because at some point in my life I wanted to marry Gregory. Oh.

We all miss you Gregory!

So yes, I shall post again soon! If my parents and our very elaborate tour itinerary (Gyeyang station --> Seoul station --> Seoul bus tour --> Seoul Station --> Gyeyang Station. See, elaborate) would allow me to. I now leave you with Long Long Long by the Beatles to remind you of the distance between my posts.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012


Oy. I was supposed to post this yesterday but there were people watching everywhere so I had to wake up early today to be able to do this. As you have noticed from the title, I HAVE BLUE PANTS. I just bought them a few days ago from E mart and it was on sale :) there were other colours too, but my dad thought it didn't fit well so he said I should try one out first. You decide.

We were going to Baskin Robbins for some ice cream (of course you're going there for ice cream!) when I saw THIS. I actually noticed it before while in the bus but I never was able to go near it.. until now. Being the Beatlemaniac that I am, I had a slight palpitation at the awesomeness of this building(while in the bus. Sometimes I embarrass myself). I thought it was a record store. But it wasn't :( it was just a restaurant bar thing. Well I still commend them for the rock stars they put up on the facade. And the huge red deer/moose they perched on top of the building.

I was eating Shooting Star. IT POPS IN YOUR MOUTH.

This particular Baskin Robbins had awesome interiors.  It was all metallic with A LOT of  sparkles. (LOOK AT MY PANTS)

BLUE Daiz pants, bangle my aunt bought in the Carribean, my Hush Puppies boots (tired of it yet?)

Isn't it just so pretty? I feel like this is the best Baskin Robbins shop I've been to since I've been to like four already and that practically makes me an expert at Baskin Robbins interior design.

At the bus stop. Kipling messenger bag, thrifted Deep or Shallow jacket, DKNY shirt, a scarf we bought at a nameless stall in Greenhills

We had to stop at the grocery store to get some juice and cereal (and later on, some of the pretty things we could find here)

That's my brother. I was just supposed to take pictures of  him  in the playground but then I had to join in, too.

Yeah, I made him take this one. And everything else here (except for the ones in Baskin Robbins, those were my mum)

Fun with pixlr. (I don't have enough money to get photoshop...)

So there you go! (Whoever you are.. because so far I don't have any followers yet) BLUE PANTS. On a little side note, I went shopping in H&M since they were on a 50% off sale ... meaning I could afford them enough... and picked up a few things. Like these neat socks for W15,000:

And this wonderful lame shirt, corset and outrageously radioactive pink velvet skirt for W10,000 each..
We went shopping in H&M last week also actually, but I didn't have this blog last week now, did I? Their sale in unusually LONG.

Well anyway, that's all there is, there isn't... anymore! *Genevieve barks* *awkwardly short blog entry end*

Monday, 16 April 2012

Catching up

So right now I've been staying in South Korea for the summer since my dad works here. I've been going out a lot seeing sights and all which gives a perfect opportunity to wear clothes (duh.) Since this blog is new I'll post some of the outfits I've put together before I had this blog.

Wore this to the bakery last week. Freeway sweater,  Doodle Dan t-shirt, thrifted scarf, Abercrombie & Fitch pants,  Camano socks, Hush Puppies boots
Wore this one to the mall.

Esprit blazer, long-sleeved shirt I got in E-mart that has no brand, Old Navy skirt, J. ars tights, Francesco boots that used to be my mum's in the 90's

This was in Everland, a theme park here in Korea. We ate at a diner there for lunch and gosh, it was fab-u-lous. I practically died when I saw it. It just makes me nostalgic y'know? Plus it had a whole bunch of Beatles memorabilia! Gah.
It got warmer so I had to remove the turtleneck and had to tie it around my neck... because it looks cool.

Fri Sun Sat knitted newsboy hat, Terranova turtleneck, Tomstory dress, thrifted belt thing, Terranova tights, Hush Puppies flats, Kipling messenger bag

Freeway sweater, So Girly! blouse, blet, Mustard Seed skirt, Terranova tights, the same Hush Puppies boots
This one was for the mall again. Couldn't take a better picture since I didn't know where the tripod was. I could've asked my mum where it was but she'd ask what I'd use it for. I couldn't tell her since I haven't told anyone about my blog yet. 

A close up of my (dusty) boots

Wow. I never realized blogging could be a little tasking. Oh well. Tis quite fun anyway. Till tomorrow (or later) maybe. If my mum doesn't take this laptop away from me whilst threatening me that I'd get glasses soon if I don't stop using it (even if I've just been using it for like, 45 minutes)