Tuesday, 17 April 2012


Oy. I was supposed to post this yesterday but there were people watching everywhere so I had to wake up early today to be able to do this. As you have noticed from the title, I HAVE BLUE PANTS. I just bought them a few days ago from E mart and it was on sale :) there were other colours too, but my dad thought it didn't fit well so he said I should try one out first. You decide.

We were going to Baskin Robbins for some ice cream (of course you're going there for ice cream!) when I saw THIS. I actually noticed it before while in the bus but I never was able to go near it.. until now. Being the Beatlemaniac that I am, I had a slight palpitation at the awesomeness of this building(while in the bus. Sometimes I embarrass myself). I thought it was a record store. But it wasn't :( it was just a restaurant bar thing. Well I still commend them for the rock stars they put up on the facade. And the huge red deer/moose they perched on top of the building.

I was eating Shooting Star. IT POPS IN YOUR MOUTH.

This particular Baskin Robbins had awesome interiors.  It was all metallic with A LOT of  sparkles. (LOOK AT MY PANTS)

BLUE Daiz pants, bangle my aunt bought in the Carribean, my Hush Puppies boots (tired of it yet?)

Isn't it just so pretty? I feel like this is the best Baskin Robbins shop I've been to since I've been to like four already and that practically makes me an expert at Baskin Robbins interior design.

At the bus stop. Kipling messenger bag, thrifted Deep or Shallow jacket, DKNY shirt, a scarf we bought at a nameless stall in Greenhills

We had to stop at the grocery store to get some juice and cereal (and later on, some of the pretty things we could find here)

That's my brother. I was just supposed to take pictures of  him  in the playground but then I had to join in, too.

Yeah, I made him take this one. And everything else here (except for the ones in Baskin Robbins, those were my mum)

Fun with pixlr. (I don't have enough money to get photoshop...)

So there you go! (Whoever you are.. because so far I don't have any followers yet) BLUE PANTS. On a little side note, I went shopping in H&M since they were on a 50% off sale ... meaning I could afford them enough... and picked up a few things. Like these neat socks for W15,000:

And this wonderful lame shirt, corset and outrageously radioactive pink velvet skirt for W10,000 each..
We went shopping in H&M last week also actually, but I didn't have this blog last week now, did I? Their sale in unusually LONG.

Well anyway, that's all there is, there isn't... anymore! *Genevieve barks* *awkwardly short blog entry end*

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