Friday, 20 April 2012

Scarlet was the scarf she wore

I don't think I'd ever post my clothes the same day I wore them. Ugh. Well here is an outfit now. I wore this a few days ago to get supper with the family in this really cool authentic (of course it is) Korean barbecue house. You really take off your shoes and kneel on the floor to eat! 

The black Karra leather jacket is actually my mum's but I had to borrow it since the jacket that'd match what I wore was in the laundry. I have this in brown, too but I left it at home because it scratched it :( I look very disheveled, don't I? All that eating makes one tired. 

Esprit bag, Guess jeans

The walls are filled with old film promotional posters! And those weird robotic arm things dangling from the ceiling are exhaust fans because you grill the barbecue in the middle of the table.

Ze appetizer.

Okay, a very lame attempt to recreate old Coca Cola adverts. I just had to do it.

These are the Francesco boots my mum had in the 90s. I couldn't get a better photo since the lighting was bad and so was the camera (but I still love you my little digital camera-SLR hybrid)
Another scarf I bought at a nameless Greenhills stall. I think the stalls have names but honestly, they're usually barely readable.

Arm warmers from Terranova that look kind of gross right now (thank you, camera) and a pink shirt I got at a small (nameless, yet again) shop in the subway station in Seoul or something.

a vintage Kangol hat my grandma (or great aunt, whatever. I call her grandma. She's the wife of my grandpa that was in the movie with GREGORY PECK *off topic*) gave me.

a very unflattering shot of how my back looked.

I feel very self-fulfilled whenever I post something. Oy, I hate saying "self-fulfilled". It reminds me of school again. *sees brief flashes of grainy gray paper, dull flickering fluorescent lights, and yellow and green uniforms* But nope, it's summer right now and yet I'm still freezing my arse off in a temperate country. On the bright side, my flesh isn't melting...or frying... in the 37°C heat back home. Whoa, where did the point of things go? NEVERLAND!

Oh, shut up Willa.

Before I type something stupid again or start a whole conversation with meself here, I'm going to paste the link to Carla Bruni's J'en Connais because it happens to be the song I felt like listening to on the day I wore this. *waves arms across the air* 

That's it. I'm publishing this.