Monday, 16 April 2012

Catching up

So right now I've been staying in South Korea for the summer since my dad works here. I've been going out a lot seeing sights and all which gives a perfect opportunity to wear clothes (duh.) Since this blog is new I'll post some of the outfits I've put together before I had this blog.

Wore this to the bakery last week. Freeway sweater,  Doodle Dan t-shirt, thrifted scarf, Abercrombie & Fitch pants,  Camano socks, Hush Puppies boots
Wore this one to the mall.

Esprit blazer, long-sleeved shirt I got in E-mart that has no brand, Old Navy skirt, J. ars tights, Francesco boots that used to be my mum's in the 90's

This was in Everland, a theme park here in Korea. We ate at a diner there for lunch and gosh, it was fab-u-lous. I practically died when I saw it. It just makes me nostalgic y'know? Plus it had a whole bunch of Beatles memorabilia! Gah.
It got warmer so I had to remove the turtleneck and had to tie it around my neck... because it looks cool.

Fri Sun Sat knitted newsboy hat, Terranova turtleneck, Tomstory dress, thrifted belt thing, Terranova tights, Hush Puppies flats, Kipling messenger bag

Freeway sweater, So Girly! blouse, blet, Mustard Seed skirt, Terranova tights, the same Hush Puppies boots
This one was for the mall again. Couldn't take a better picture since I didn't know where the tripod was. I could've asked my mum where it was but she'd ask what I'd use it for. I couldn't tell her since I haven't told anyone about my blog yet. 

A close up of my (dusty) boots

Wow. I never realized blogging could be a little tasking. Oh well. Tis quite fun anyway. Till tomorrow (or later) maybe. If my mum doesn't take this laptop away from me whilst threatening me that I'd get glasses soon if I don't stop using it (even if I've just been using it for like, 45 minutes)

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